Know a bit about our history

The Company

Nodusoja is a company dedicated to modern agriculture, which uses biotechnology for the development of its products. It was founded in 2007 in the city of Colombo, metropolitan region of Curitiba, State of Parana. With the support of suppliers, customers and good administration, Nodusoja arises with its first product on the market in September 2009. Along the passing of the years, other products were launched. Today we serve the cultures of soybean, bean, cowpea, maize and peanuts. Products that are in a test phase: inoculant for wheat, rice, pasture, silage and pre-inoculated for soybeans. And even more: Rooting and bio-stimulants. The sales increase each year, as well as investments in installations, machinery, technology and in the hiring of skilled professionals. Nowadays, Nodusoja acts on the internal and external markets, with business partners ranging from the North to the South of Brazil, Paraguay, Sudan and Benin (African Countries).


Why choose Nodusoja


Serving our customers and partners with clarity, respect and ethics. Offering quality products with agility and having as objective the mutual satisfaction.


Nodusoja will lead to the farmer what is the best and most innovative in inoculation, in biotechnology generating productivity.


Through continuous improvement of manufacturing processes and storage, our commitment is to bring up satisfaction to our customers through the quality of the products offered and readily serving in the requested period.


Our products are transported by our own fleet and by partners who also look after the quality service, agility in the delivery and care until the end of the shipment. We monitor deliveries of goods from the beginning to the end. 

The laboratory

Nodusoja has its own laboratory, equipped with modern tools for analysis of the raw materials and the finished products, giving quality and reliability to its rigorous controls.

Technical team

Our technicians and employees are highly skilled and trained to be regularly updated forward-looking to advances in biotechnology.

The Quality

    The Quality in the manufacture and storage
  • It has its own laboratory accredited in the MAPA, equipped with modern tools.
  • Strict quality control in all productive steps.
  • Performs monitoring of the quality of raw materials.
  • Works with a customized system, designed to meet the needs of the company, which allows for easy traceability of products and processes.
  • stores the products in insulated boxes.
  • Works with a system of constant improvement in industrial processes.
    Quality service to clients
  • Maintains a direct relationship with customers.
  • Meets the customer according to their needs and deadlines.
  • Features after-sales assistance for the entire line of products.

Area of operation

       Nowadays, Nodusoja is present in 18 Brazilian states and in 4 countries.